CPE/CPD Training

Business Wealth Management And Risk Planning

SIDC CPE, FIMM CPD, AICB CPD & HRDF Financial Master Class-Business Wealth Management and Risk Planning

-Create, Protect, Preserve & Distribute Business Wealth & Legacy with best-suited tools
-Real life story, case study & Interactive learning

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Discuss what is the personal wealth management and its process for a business owner.
2. Recognize how to create, accumulate, protect, preserve and finally distribute the wealth from a business owner perspective.
3. Employ the best-suited wealth management tools based on personal life cycle, financial goals, business circumstance and needs.
4. Well manage the business owner client’s finance, wealth and business.

1. What is personal wealth management?
2. Wealth Creation and Accumulation
3. Wealth Protection & Risk Management
4. Wealth Preservation
5. Wealth Distribution
6. Integrity is the key to a happy, success, most respected and “evergreen” company’s core value and culture
7. Summary

1) HRDF Claimable under SBL Scheme
2) CPE / CPD point entitlement
a) SIDC CPE – 10 points
b) FIMM CPD – 8 points
c) AICB CPD – 8 points (only applicable for AICB’s member & subject to own application to AICB's CPD Diary based on given certificate of completion)
d) MFPC CPD – 8 hours (only applicable for MFPC’s member & subject to own application to MFPC for the CDP endorsement)
  • Speaker Profile-Mr. Yong Chu Eu
  • Pre Test
  • Business Wealth Management
  • How A Former Monk Saved Japan Airlines
  • Wealth Creation & Grow
  • Common SME Risks Mitigation
  • Wealth Protection
  • Directors Officers Liability
  • D & O Insurance
  • Wealth Protection (Part II) & Wealth Preservation
  • Dato C Ngei shares his success strategies
  • Wealth Perservation (Part II) & Wealth Distribution
  • Post Test
  • Copyright & Reference
  • Evaluation & Handout
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed